Special Purpose Inspections

Do you have a specific issue or defect regarding your property that requires a building inspector opinion or diagnosis?

Our Special Purpose Defect Inspections focus on a particular problems you have with your home or commercial property.

As an example this could be disputed with builders or poor workmanship, brickwork cracking, leaking roof or balcony problems. Having one of our experienced independent building inspectors assess the situation and determine full extent of any damage with recommendations on how to rectify the issues.

Whether you need help identifying the issue, or aren’t sure of just how bad the damage is, our team of highly trained building inspectors can help you to find out the exact nature of the defect, and will help you to get it sorted out. Call House Inspections Melbourne today on 0438818449.


Each defect we’ll tell you…

  • What the defect is
  • Where the defect is
  • What the likely consequences will be if the defect is not repaired
  • Our recommendation for repair, and the suitable trades person required
  • Estimated costs for repairs if requested

All our Special Purpose Defect Inspection reports are easy to understand, and professionally written to Australian standards.

Book an inspection today! Call 0438 818 449 or send us an email to support@resispect.com.au.