Pre-Sale Inspections

Want to sell your property faster? A pre-sale inspection will help speed up the process of settlement, allowing you to provide purchasers with a detailed report up-front.


Price: From $540 +GST

We offer pre sale building inspections which are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1 to provide you with the upper hand when selling your property. A pre sale inspection will help to fast-track the settlement process, providing potential buyers with everything they need to know, up front. One of the biggest concerns when buying a property is not knowing whether that property is going to last – or if there are defects that could cause problems to the foundations (or occupants) down the track. By enlisting us to complete a pre sale inspection on your property, you’ll be giving potential buyers the biggest gift of all – peace of mind.

You’ll also have the opportunity to complete any repairs up-front if required to ensure you’re getting the best price for your property.



Our comprehensive pre sale building inspections will include checks a vast range of features in and around your home, internally and externally, including:

• Insulation
• Framing and Sarking
• Gutters and Downpipes
• Vents and Flues
• Stumps and Posts
• Ventilation
• Living areas (bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, storage spaces, stairs)
• Pergolas and Patios
• Sheds and Garages
• Decking and Exterior stairs
• Driveway and Walking paths
• Fences

After we complete our inspection, within 48 hours you’ll receive a detailed report and photographs based on any of our findings. If we identify any current or future problems, we will be able to provide you with urgency of any necessary repairs and estimates on repair costs.

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