Pre-Handover Inspections

Congratulations! Your brand new home is almost ready to move in to. Ensure there are no risks with a quality pre-handover inspection and detailed report.


Price: From $500

You’re being handed the keys and it’s time to move into your brand new home! The excitement is mounting, the smell of fresh paint is in the air and everything is exactly where it should be. Or is it? If you want to ensure the transition between house construction and moving in is smooth, a pre handover inspection is a must. This will determine if all work has been completed in accordance with Australian standards and allow you the opportunity to bring up any problems or imperfections with your builder before it’s too late.



Based on your contract with the builder, along with plans and specifications, your pre handover inspection will include thorough checks on the following:

The Roof

You want to be sure that the roof has been installed correctly and securely, both inside and outside. We’ll check the tiles, guttering, ridges and flashings to ensure they are fitted in accordance with Australia’s building regulations.

Woodwork & Finishes

We’ll check any internal woodwork, finishes, colours and other inclusions to see if they comply with the original agreement you have with your builder. We’ll also inspect your floors for any damage that may have occurred during the construction process.

Lighting & Fixtures

We know you want to move into a home that is ready to be lived in, so we’ll inspect all lighting, fixtures and fittings to ensure these are all in working order. We’ll check that your plumbing is up to scratch, and that you have the correct placements of safety switches and fuses around the property.

Inside The Home

Inside the home, we’ll inspect everything. From your window frames to your bathtub, paintwork to the tiles on the floors – we want to make sure everything looks as it should, brand new!

Once you receive the inspection and our recommendations, if any, you can contact the builder to discuss any further work required.

Book a top to bottom inspection on your freshly built home today! Call 0438 818 449 or send us an email to Our inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.1.