Pest & Termite Inspections

Ensure your new investment is pest and termite free. We use the latest detection technology to determine current and future risks for your property.


Price: From $300

It doesn’t take much for pests to enter a property, take it over, and potentially trash it – leaving it unliveable in years to come. This is why it’s so important that you have a pest & termite inspection completed when you are considering purchasing a property.

When we complete our pest and termite inspections, we don’t miss a step. We’ll provide you with full photos and thermal camera evidence of infestations (if required), along with a detailed report that includes the following information:

• History of pests on the property
• Location of any pests or nests
• Any damage that has been found
• Any areas of concern for future infestation or structural damage
• Whether we believe the property is under threat in future
• Recommendations on getting rid of pests
• Advice for maintaining a pest-free property



Inside the home

Within the home, your plumbing, internal walls and bathrooms are most susceptible to pests. We will do a detailed check of these to check for any problem areas; and identify any signs of damp – a haven for termites.

The roof

We will give the roof a thorough check during our inspection, checking the cavities, insulation, framework and tiling to ensure there are no infestations of termites or other pests. We will search for any previous signs, current activity or future problem areas.

Outside the home

Although not directly connected to the home, your fences, trees and outbuildings can present a great home for termites. As well as this, your garden beds can bring a range of pests, particularly if there is damp from inadequate drainage. If we discover any problems, we’ll include it in our report.

The floor / sub-floor

We’re going to check for problems with drainage under the floor, leaking water pipes, and any blockages to air vents – all of which present an inviting paradise for termites and other pests. We’ll particularly look at the areas around your bathroom and kitchen.

Our pest & termite inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3. Book an inspection today to find out if your investment is vermin-free! Call 0438 818 449 or send us an email to